Friday , 29 May 2020
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Complete Web design Course


HyperText Markup Language (HTML) is the markup language popularly used by developers to design
Web sites. It is the language for the World Wide Web. It is used for building Web sites that can be as large
as a corporate Web site or as small as a single page classroom project.
This Videos covers basic to advanced concepts of HTML5. The Video begins with an explanation of basic
HTML tags and attributes. It also explains the structure of Web pages using HTML. Then, it proceeds to
explain the concept of Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). CSS is a technology that helps Web site designers
to provide a consistent formatting across large Web sites by separating the content from its styles. Thus,
CSS is used to control the look of the Web page by specifying the styles such as color, font, and font size
for the HTML content. It can also be used to control the placement of items on a page. The Video also
explains JavaScript, which is a scripting language used for adding interactivity to Web pages. JavaScript
allows programs in an HTML page to respond to user’s actions. These responses could be validating
the user’s input, fetching and displaying the requested page, and so on. Finally, the Videos concludes with
explanations of jQuery and HTML5 mobile application support. jQuery is a short and fast JavaScript library
that simplifies the client side scripting of HTML, animation, event handling, traversing, and developing
AJAX based Web applications.

Content of Course:

  • Introduction to the Web
  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Formatting Text Using Tags
  • Creating Hyperlinks and Anchors
  • Introduction to CSS3
  • Formatting Using Style Sheets
  • Displaying Graphics and CSS3 Animation
  • Creating Navigational Aids and Division-Based Layout
  • Creating Tables
  • HTML Forms
  • HTML5 Audio and Video
  • Introduction to JavaScript
  • Operators and Statements
  • Loops and Arrays
  • Functions and Objects
  • Building a Mobile Web Application
  • Canvas and JavaScript
  • HTML5 Web Storage
  • HTML5 Geolocation and APIs

Click here for watch full video Series

Introduction to web Designing – (Part-1)

Introduction to HTML 5 – (Part-2)

HTML Basic tags meta_link_script – (Part-3) 

Formatting Text Using Tags like B_small_pre – (Part-4)

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